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Raman spectroscopy
FT-IR spectroscopy
扫描探针显微镜 / 原子力显微镜 / 近场光学扫描电镜
Dynamic Sensing


招聘信息       (Aug 2016)
凯戈纳斯仪器商贸(上海)有限公司"的前身为"瑞典凯戈纳斯有限公司上海代表处,是由瑞典Hot Disk有限公司,英国THT有限公司共同注资成立的。公司开发、制造并销售导热系数分析仪、反应量热仪等世界一流的先进分析仪器,同时是以色列Nanonics原子力显微镜AFM/扫描探针电镜SPM以及AFM+Raman+IR+SEM/SPM一体连用测试技术在国内的独家代理。公司在全球范围内拥有众多系统用户,并在英国、美国、德国、日本等二十个国家和地区设立了分支机构。为了适应在中国快速发展的需要,诚邀优秀人士加盟,欢迎各位有经验人士投递简历。

Sales Engineer(销售工程师)
Job description:

-硕士学位, 化学.物理.材料系为佳
Interested candidates please send your application letter, Chinese and English resume, copy of ID card and certificates, a recent photo


New Service manager.
In October 2007 Jakob Thyr started as the new service manager at K-analys. Jakob has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering degree from Uppsala university and has previously been working in the pharmaceutical business. Jakob will be responsible for service and support and will be replacing Johan Lindgren who is now working in a micro mechanics company.

FT-IR spectroscopy days at K-analys AB in February 2007!      
During one week in February we will have on loan an IdentifyIR instrument from Smiths Detection. This instrument together with our own instruments, the FTIR IlluminatIR and an InVia Raman, will give you a unique possibility to try all these FT-IR spectroscopy techniques at once.
The IdentifyIR is a light-weight portable FTIR spectrometer working with the ATR principle, and equipped with new brilliant software that makes FTIR analyses faster and more accurate then ever before.
The IlluminatIR uses both ARO and ATR principles, but also the same software for quick library search and identification. The InVia Raman complements the two FTIR instruments and is equipped with two lasers, 514 nm and 785 nm.
Take a chance to try your samples while you have all three at hand. Bring your tricky samples and see what can be achieved.
Call us in Uppsala to book a visit, or to send your samples to us. What suits you best?

K-analys Newsletter 2 - Combine your Raman with , AFM
and NSOM 
      (Mar 2006)
In this news letter we inform about how you can extract that extra information from your samples by combining Raman, , NSOM (NearField Scanning Optical Microscopy) and AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy). We also have an interesting Raman application presented by conservator Cecilia R?nnerstam, National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Read more...

Seminar tour in nano technology.          (Mar 2006)
In March K-analys AB together with Nanonics Imaging Ltd, Smiths Detection, Renishaw plc Finnish Chemical Society and the Nanoscience Center of Jyv?skyl? held nano technology seminars in G?teborg, Link?ping, Uppsala and Jyv?skyl? Introducing the latest development in the nano technology field and showing how Raman, NSOM and IR can be used as nano tools.

Raman spectroscopy on pigments from 17th century portrait miniatures         
(Mar 2006)
In 1680 court miniaturist Elias Brenner created a document on pigments recommended for miniature painting, containing actual samples of each pigment. As part of a research project by conservator Cecilia R?nnerstam at National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm, these pigments are currently being analysed at K-Analys AB using Raman spectroscopy.

K-analys Newsletter 1 - Efficient ways of analysing chemicals
and performing cleaning validation tests 
      (Dec 2005)
Our first newsletter!! A presentation of instruments that will save you
both time and money, regardless if you work in research or
manufacturing.

IMS and IR FT-IR spectroscopy cleaning validation       (Oct 2005)
Ion Mobility spectroscopyFT-IR spectroscopy (IMS) and IR FT-IR spectroscopy are two techniques for cleaning validation which are getting more and more accepted as reported by the "FT-IR spectroscopy" magazine. Read more...

Seminar on Reaction Calorimetry       (Oct 2005)
The 26th of October 2005 K-analys AB had the pleasure to demonstrate
the micro Reaction Calorimeter from THT, UK. The seminar was hosted by
Lundbeck AS, Copenhagen, and held in their premises. Phil O`Kane from
Thermal Hazards Technology, UK informed about Micro Reaction
Calorimetry and its applications and held practical demonstrations.

K-analys AB analyses unique document!       (Ongoing project)
The 17th century artist Elias Brenner compiled a unique document in
which he left samples of 30 different pigments. K-analys AB together with
researcher Cecilia R?nnerstam from Swedish National Museum of Fine
Arts has placed the pigments under a Raman microscope! Read more...

Seminar on combined Raman-SPM technologies       (March 2005)
K-analys AB, together with Nanonics and Renishaw, arranged a seminar
on the subject Raman/SPM the 9-10th of March 2005. The combination of
Raman spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy gives you chemical
composition information on nanometer scale!

Raman and Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope - a powerful combination       (Feb 2004)
In February 2004 K-analys AB together with Nanonics organised a
seminar about Raman and NSOM. The seminar was held at K-analys
facilities in Uppsala, Sweden. Dr Lars H?lldahl (K-analys) presented the
Raman and the In Via instrument. Dr David Lewis (Nanonics)came from
Israel to present the SPM , especially the NSOM instrument, and its
integration to Raman. After the presentations there were practical
demonstrations and samples running. Around 20 persons from
universities and research laboratories all over Scandinavia showed up
and made the seminar a real success!