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Dynamic Sensing

We take great care in who and what we represent

Surface is specialized since nearly ten years in nano metrology with the major focus in the field of SPM (Scanning Probe Microskopy). They distributes nano metrology instrumentation with dedication to performance and quality. Surface also is the producer of integrated systems for PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition).

Nanonics Imaging Ltd.
Nanonics Ltd develope equipment for AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) and NSOM (Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy). Together with Raman spectroscopy these techniques make it possible to do topography studies combined with chemical analysis with impressing spatial resolution, down to 50-70 nm.

Smiths Detection Scientific
Smiths Detection manufactures IR- (Infra Red) and IMS- (Ion Mobility FT-IR spectroscopy) equipment for chemistry-, materials- and pharmacology laboratories and factories. The instruments are made with a main focus on cost effectiveness and ease of use. Smiths Detection offers a suite of analytical instruments to help you and your lab perform at it's best!

Renishaw plc.
Scientifically supported in its field by leading universities and with its parent company firmly based in metrology, Renishaw is the world leader in developing the new generation of Raman spectroscopy instruments.

Thermal Hazard Technology (THT)
THT is a UK company with the aim to assist scientists and engineers involved in safety and hazard testing and analysis. They manufacture the world benchmark adiabatic calorimeter, the ARC (Accelerating Rate Calorimeter) for thermal hazards evaluation. THT also produce a number of other calorimeters for all sorts of applications.

SPS Syntex
Sumitomo Coal Mining that invented Spark Plasma Sintering in the late 1980s is now part of SPS Syntex. The company has exploited the SPS technology in many fields of materials research, as well as for industrial production.

Dynamic Sensing®
Measuring the mass of, and forces acting upon objects in dynamic situations is the task of this company. Sensors and mathematical models developed in Japan constitute the unique technology behind the sensing products.

Hotdisk AB®
Hot disk is a Swedish company that develop and manufacture analysis equipment for measuring thermal properties of different materials. The unique TPS technology provides capability to perform fast & simple testing of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity covering a wide range of temperatures and geometry for solids, liquids, pastes and powders.