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扫描探针显微镜 / 原子力显微镜 / 近场光学扫描电镜
Dynamic Sensing


The SPS, Spark Plasma Sintering , compacts fully dense bodies from metal powders, alloys and ceramics, even polymers bonded to metals are easy to manufacture, in shorter time and
lower temperatures then with any other technique. SPS opens up new opportunities in synthesizing new compounds and manufacturing of functional gradient materials (FGM).

SPS Spark Plasma Sintering : By creating electrical sparks between powder particles in the body to be sintered, neck formation is very rapid and effective and lays the base for a very fast and ideal process.
Compared to other techniques, like HIP or pressure-less , full density of the material can be achived with SPS at lower temperatures and shorter holding times at maximum temperature.

The benefit is not only savings in time and energy but the microstructure of the compacted compounds is different. Due to the rapid densification at low temperature, grain growth is rarely taking place. This means that the grain size from the powder particles is preserved in the sintered body. This results in very strong and hard materials.

The raw material is held in a graphite dye and stage, between stainless steel electrodes, also providing the pressure. The whole sample compartment can be set under vacuum. A current, up to 20 000 A, is sent through the graphite dye and through the sample itself. It is given as several DC pulses, switched on/off at selected frequencies. The current heats the sample and sparks are formed at the initial of each pulse,
between close laying particles, where necks are formed.

The equipment is available in many different sizes, with different diameters of the dyes, pressure ranges and capacity in amperage.
SPS 脉冲火化烧结炉(SPS)  - inside the vacuum chamber
Inside the vacuum chamber the current makes the graphite dye glow.
SPS 515 - 脉冲火化烧结炉(SPS)
               The SPS 515


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